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Balkan Legal News

Media Round-Up: 19 February - 05 March 2021

The following media round up on international, legal and foreign policy issues from around the Balkans for the period of 19 February - 05 March 2021. The Guernica Group will provide bi-weekly media updates with a focus Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia . Should you wish to contribute or submit a media summary, opinion piece or blog, please send to Ned Vucijak at for consideration.

The Basic Court in Pristina revoked the arrest warrant of Milan Radoicic – 1 March 2021

Milan Radoicic, the Vice President of Srpska Lista, the main Kosovo Serb political partying Kosovo, was accused of participating in the murder of rival politician Oliver Ivanovic killed in January 2018. The indictment for the murder was filed with the court in December 2019. The prosecution has made no comments as to why the arrest warrant was lifted.

Politician Gani Koci has been called for questioning by Hague Prosecutors – 26 February 2021

Former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrilla, now politician of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Gani Koci, announced on Facebook that he was called as a witness by the prosecution of the Specialist Chambers in Hague. In his Facebook post, Gani Koci added that he will stay true to who he was and who he is now and “always in defence of the Liberation Army’s rightful fight.”

A Scuffle between Prosecution and the Defence team in Kosovo War Veterans’ case - 24 February 2021

Jonathan Elysian Rees, Gucati’s defence lawyer, claimed that the prosecution makes the defence work harder by not correctly categorising the evidence and not providing a proper witness list. The Prosecution, however, argued that it had fulfilled its obligations.

Bosnian State Court confirmed the indictment of two ex Bosnian Serb Army officers - 25 February 2021

Radomir Nedic and Ratko Djurkovic, two ex Bosnian Serb Army officers, were last week indicted by the Bosnian State Court for crimes against humanity. The prosecution confirmed the indictment charges against Nedic and Djurkovic , with having “ participated in the persecution of the Bosniak civilian population on ethnic and religious grounds” from April to October 1992

Red notice issued by Interpol – 26 February 2021

Interpol has issued a red notice for Malden Mitrovics arrest, an Ex- Bosnian War Detention Camp Guard, who is suspected of having committed crimes against humanity against non-Serbs during the Bosnian war in the ’90s

Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrate Independence day – 1 March 2021

For the majority of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 1 of March is one of the most important days. On the 1 of March 1992, BiH held a referendum where more than 60 % of people voted for an independent state. This resulted in BiH being Internationally recognised as an Independent State.

600 War Detention Sites documented in new research - 25 February 2021

New research documents more than 600 Bosnian war detention sites, more then half of them have been subject of cases at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

Natasa Kandic, the coordinator of RECOM, presented the finding at an online conference. Kandic also said that more than 50 sources were consulted and generally agreed that there where about 1500 camps, prisons or other detention sites operating during the war in the 90’s.

Bosnian Serb Soldier’s conviction upheld – 24 February 2021

Belgrade Appeals Court confirmed the verdict, finding the sentence given to Zeljko Maricic from the Belgrade Higher Court adequate. Maricic was convicted to two years imprisonment by the Belgrade High Court in July 2020, for beating 6 Bosniak prisoners during the war in May 1992.

Belgrade Appeal court increase crime sentence – 24 February 2021

Ex- Bosnian Serb soldier Milan Dragisic was originally convicted to 4 years imprisonment for killing one man and attempting to kill two more. The Belgrade Appeal court felt that the previous court did not assess“ the gravity of the crime committed and the consequences “adequately, and increased the sentence to five years imprisonment.

Top Policeman fired over alleged crime links – 2 March 2021

Montenegrin government dismissed Senior Police Officer, Zoran Lazovic, after the ruling coalition accused him of having ties with Criminal organisations. Six other Police officers were also let go.

This is an attempt of fulfil the new Government promises, to let the police be run by untainted professionals.


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