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Commentary in The Times: an analysis of the extradition of murder suspects to Pakistan

Guernica 37 co-founder, Toby Cadman, who serves as Counsel to the Government of Pakistan comments on the historic conviction of three accused in Pakistan was published in The Times yesterday. Highlighted in the piece is the necessity for the three accused - who were convicted last month of the murder of prominent Pakistani politician, Imran Farooq – to be guaranteed a free and fair trial, and not to face the death penalty at the hands of Britain’s approval to transfer evidence following mutual legal assistance.

However, the advances of Britain towards favouring initiatives on extradition and mutual legal assistance positively point towards stronger modes of accountability, and suggests the benefits that may be obtained through greater co-operation in extradition cases and mutual legal assistance.

Toby Cadman’s commentary published in The Times:

We can return murder suspects to Pakistan with a clear conscience There are signs that the three men accused of assassinating a politician ten years ago would not face the death penalty Toby Cadman Thursday July 16 2020, The Times

The suburbs of London rarely play backdrop to political assassination. Yet ten years ago, Imran Farooq, a prominent Pakistani politician, was bludgeoned to death in Edgware on his return from work.

Last month, after years of extensive investigation, three men were convicted in Pakistan for their part in the murder.

According to the judgment of the anti-terrorism court in Islamabad, three other suspects who absconded remain in Britain and should be returned to Pakistan to face justice. Should Pakistan request the extradition of Altaf Hussain, Iftikhar Hussain and Mohammad Anwar, Britain should grant it.

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