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No Returns

In response to the balloted action commencing today 11 April 2022, Guernica 37 Chambers issues the following statement:

Members of Chambers undertaking Criminal Defence work in England and Wales support the position of the Criminal Bar Association and agree that neither the level of remuneration for such work, or the demands placed on practitioners is adequate or sustainable.

It is disappointing that successive Governments have either attempted to ignore the issue, or deliberately mischaracterised the position. The reality of the matter is that numerous practitioners find themselves working in excess of 60 hours per week, often for no remuneration at all given how cases are listed before the Courts, or where they do receive payment for work done, it can equate to less than minimum wage, and those monies are not received for months, and sometimes years after a case has concluded. Accordingly, and in line with the result of the CBA ballot, members of Guernica 37 will not be accepting returns for any criminal case to be heard on or after 11 April 2021.


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