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Open Letter to Croatian Minister of Justice: Halt extradition of whistleblower Jonathan Taylor

Extradition or no extradition? – The decision lies with the Croatian Minister of Justice concerning the fate of whistleblower Jonathan Taylor

The Whistleblowing International Network, on behalf of the Jonathan Taylor Support Committee, with Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers as one of the numerous supporters, sent an open letter to the Croatian Minister of Justice, Mr. Ivan Malenica, urging him to stop the extradition of whistleblower Jonathan Taylor forthwith. The letter states that Jonathan Taylor has been in Croatia for nearly 10 months appealing against a request for extradition from Monaco and for this reason, it is for the Minister of Justice to refuse this abusive request on behalf of Monaco, allowing him to return home to the UK.

WIN - Whistleblowing International Network

Full article was published today, Tuesday 18 May 2021, on WIN - Whistleblowing International Network:


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