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The Guernica 37 Academy – Extension of closing date for applications

The Guernica 37 Academy is a platform aimed at providing practical experience and guidance to law graduates seeking to enter the highly competitive field of international criminal law.

We offer a position of research assistant/intern, however, we are conscious of the number of prospective applicants, and therefore the position is for a fixed term so as to ensure that we can offer the position to as many as possible.

Successful applicants are free to choose how long that position will last, from a period of 1-3 months. In so doing, we can ensure that we offer the experience to a wider number of prospective candidates.

The position will be on a part-time basis and will require a commitment from the applicant of 20-hours per week.

The position is also remunerated.

The closing date has been extended to Friday 16th December 2022.

Full details of the scheme, and how to apply, are available on our website


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