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Toby Cadman joins the Ukraine Bar Association (UBA)

Toby Cadman, Joint Head of Guernica 37 Chambers, joins the UBA as an international member.

He said, “As a member of the English Bar and an International Participant of the UBA I stand ready, as do many other lawyers like me, to assist the UBA in strengthening and empowering the legal profession to meet the real demands it now faces during a time of illegal aggression.”

Toby is an established international law specialist in the areas of international criminal and humanitarian law, international terrorism, international commercial law, arbitration, anti-corruption, extradition and mutual legal assistance, and human rights law. He lectures extensively on international criminal law, criminal procedure and human rights law and has provided extensive advice and training to judges, prosecutors, lawyers and law enforcement agencies throughout the Balkans, Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

Toby advises on judicial reform, legislative drafting and institution building in Albania, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma (Myanmar), Croatia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Montenegro, Syria and Tunisia.

As to why he has joined, Toby said, “I have practised as an international lawyer for 21 years. I am committed to the pursuit of truth, justice and accountability and the strengthening and enforcement of the Rule of Law. The Russian aggression against the Ukrainian people is an affront to everything that I believe in and the perpetrators must be held accountable through a judicial process that is independent, transparent and legitimate. I joined the UBA as an international participant as I wish to support the important work of the UBA and provide assistance as required in any way I can.”

He continued, “Members of the legal profession will need to be trained in new areas of law, such as international humanitarian law and international human rights law. The UBA should strengthen its association of bar associations around the world, that will assist in the development of the UBA and its members.


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