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Toby Cadman Successfully Defends in Complex Drugs Trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court

Guernica 37’s Co-Head of Chambers, Toby Cadman, successfully represented DB, in a two-handed drugs trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court last week, who was unanimously acquitted after just one hour of jury deliberation. DB was charged with two counts of ‘being concerned in supplying a controlled drug of Class-A to another’ contrary to section 4(3)(b) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and two counts of ‘possessing a controlled drug of Class A with intent to supply’ contrary to section 5(3) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Her co-defendant, DS, was jointly charged with charged with two counts of ‘being concerned in supplying a controlled drug of Class-A to another’ and a further count of ‘possessing criminal property’ contrary to section 329(1)(c) of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. DB was a vulnerable defendant. The defence case was that the first defendant, DS, had taken advantage and exploited her vulnerability. He exploited her vulnerability for his own gain. DB was arrested by the police last year when she was found to be carrying a bag containing a quantity of Class-A drugs. The defence argued that she had been used to transport drugs when she believed it contained something quite different. DS did not disclose to her that there were drugs inside the bag. The Prosecution case alleged that DB knew, suspected or had reason to suspect that the substance in her possession was a controlled drug. The Prosecution alleged that DB was in fact involved in the drug-dealing and that she was being paid by the first defendant. After less than one hour of deliberation, the jury returned its unanimous verdict convicting DS on the two conspiracy counts and acquitting him of the criminal possession count. DB was found Not Guilty on all counts. Toby was instructed by Alkesh Vyas of Hanson Woods Solicitors.


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