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From Spring to Winter: Democracy and Human Rights in the Arab Republic of Egypt

The human rights situation in Egypt has sharply declined in 2019-2020. Constitutional amendments have been passed to consolidate authoritarian rule, circumvent the rule of law, remove the judiciary’s independence, and expand the power of the Military and State Security Forces

The Egyptian Regime has maintained a nation-wide state of emergency that gives security forces unprecedented powers. State Security forces used torture and enforced disappearances systematically against dissidents from all backgrounds. Egypt’s use of mass trials and the death penalty has increased, including death sentences against children and death sentences issued in military trials.

International human rights organisations have raised concerns over the erosion of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the total dismantling of any notion of a democracy.

To address these critically important issues, Guernica 37 International Justice is co-hosting with No Peace Without Justice a panel discussion covering the autocratic rule of the Military Regime, the systematic torture of political prisoners, the lack of fair trial guarantees, elimination of freedom of expression and censoring of the independent media.




Niccolo Figa-Talamanca (No Peace Without Justice)


Dr. Maha Azzam (Egyptian Revolutionary Council)

Toby Cadman (Guernica 37)

Dr. Anas Altikriti (Cordoba Foundation)

Carl Buckley (Guernica 37)

Bill Law (Arab Digest)



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